Funding provides for:

  • Completition of project in elevated standard is intended for local and visitors.
  • Creating the new project open all year – capacity of restaurant 200 pax, capacity of summer garden 120 pax, welness 30 pax.
  • To promote and improve quality offered services to attract higher volumes and higher value-added tourism across region.

Program Management organization website and regional development fund website:

Execution of a project:
Zelený dvor, Košice - Dargovských hrdinov, Okres Košice III, Košický kraj, NUTS 2 Východné Slovensko

Corporate office:
PETIX International, s.r.o., Tatarkova 10, 040 18 Košice - Krásna
Project Start: 04/2015
Project Finished: 31/12/2015

EU Investment:
780 481,94€